LIGHT BRINGER ART is the fruit of the collaboration of a painter and a jeweller, Ivan Boccherini and Maja Tokar. Together we are creating unique Artworks combining painting and jewellery. Each piece is conceived to be an object of meditation and spiritual power. We use metals, gems, stones and painting according to our purposes.


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 Ivan Boccheriniwas born in Florence ( Italy). where He studied and graduated at Art lyceum and then he studied at the University of literature and philosophy . 

In his personal journey Ivan explored the spiritual knowledge, the mysticism and esoteric tradition of the West and the East , especially gnosticism and indian spiritual knowledge.

Between 2007 and 2011 He spent periods in India for his spiritual growth ,practicing meditation and yoga and since then meditation became part of his practice and work.

Esotericism, occultism, spirituality, mysticism, gnosticism, symbolism are all themes of his art.
In 2011 Ivan moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, where now he lives and continues his work.

In 2018 he started the project LIGHT BRINGER ART with Maja Tokar.

Together they are now creating an entire new body of works combining their skills and crafts, focused mainly on esoteric, spiritual, symbolic themes.

Maja Tokar, was born in Poland and grew up in Inverness and then she moved to Edinburgh to study jewellery at Edinburgh University. She creates her own jewelry pieces and in the same time she works with ivan in the creation of mixed medias incorporating her jewelry and metal pieces into the paintings.

“THE LIGHT BRINGER ART represents for me a NEW BEGINNING, an EXCITING NEW STAGE of my ART and SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. For me painting was always a part of my spiritual practice, a meditation and self developing process, but now with the Light Bringer Art I feel I entered in the realm of magic, practical magic. The meeting with Maja and the work together, combining our skills and craft, using metals and gems together with painting is an alchemy that opened to new possibilities. We are experimenting and creating what we consider not simply artworks but magical objects of spiritual power.
We aim to make A NEW SACRED ART as We are making shrines, altars, talismans, objects of spiritual value, but transcending any particular religion, in a more vast sense of its meaning.
We testify the Light within and We want to honor it as Light Bearers.”

Ivan Boccherini