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  • Ivan Boccherini

AVE LUX AETERNA. Hail Eternal Light

WE ARE PROUD and DELIGHTED to present our last Artwork! The Light Bringer Enthroned. The Throne of The Seraph.

AVE LUX AETERNA ( From Latin, Hail Eternal Light )

Light Bringer Enthroned. Throne of the Seraph.


personified as The Light Bringer Angel, The bearer of the Eternal Flame.

He is the awakener and enlightener of human beings, the one who brings man to ascension, to fulfill his destiny reaching his divine potential.

From darkness to Light, from unconsciousness to Consciousness from death to Immortality

Mixed media collaboration by painter Ivan Boccherini & jeweler Maja Tokar. Signed by the Authors.

  • Height: 84 centimetres

  • Width: 60 centimetres

  • Depth: 2 centimetres

  • Materials: gold, bronze, emerald, ruby, citrine, carnelian

Description THIS IS A UNIQUE ARTWORK consisting of an OIL PAINTING on wooden panel with METALS and GEMSTONES and goldleaf. Metals: GOLD 9 kt and 18 kt, bronze, silver copper. Gemstones: ruby, citrine stones, emerald, carnelian, garnets. Gold leaf 24 kt. All the metal pieces are hand fabricated ( completely handmade, not using wax, molds or casting).

-The Central STAR Heart piece is made of 18 kt GOLD on a second layer of 9 kt gold sheet and a citrine stone set in silver.

-UPPER STAR: Bronze, copper with citrine stone set in silver. On a 24 kt gold leaf background.

-Third eye: ruby. -Lion: Bronze with carnelian stone set in silver, garnet stones (eyes) -Lioness: Bronze with Emerald set in stone, garnet stones (eyes).

This is a UNIQUE PIECE. Being not only a painting but a 3D object. It's an original contemporary work but with the feeling of an ancient altarpiece or shrine. The piece comes to life, not only enhanced by the beauty and colours of the stones but ever changing with reflections of light on the metals, gemstones and gold leaf.

Available here on our Shop Prints on canvas and on Art paper are available on our Etsy shop


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