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  • Ivan Boccherini

beginning of the new year, beginning of a new creation

The New Year has started and I've started a new painting.

It will be a new long year, but do not worry, rescue will come.

Call for the Light and Light will come into the darkest place to deliver you, but you must make the first step out of your cell. You must first rebel to your jailer, if you want the angels to fight for you. Your act of will is necessary.

The path to FREEDOM is not for the cowards.

Self determination must be a choice.

"I will send my armies to the castles that are under siege, to those that are resisting at any cost, living or dying under my banner.

My armies are coming to relieve them from the oppressors.

The castles who gave up without a fight, those who lowered my standard to rise up the one of the enemy, hoping to spare their mortal lives, will be first abandoned to their tormentors and then they will share their same fate, when my angels will come to punish them.

Stay awaken o sentinel, be alert on the tower, watch deeper into the night sky, I'm sending to you my messenger.

My messenger is coming to you in secret, holding the fire that will make you free, if you will dare to bear it." ✴


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