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Light Bringer Art. the shrine of the angel .

Updated: May 14

This Artwork in the photo gallery is the first mixed media work of this kind I made for the Light Bringer Collection, in collaboration with goldsmith Maja Tokar. It is a mixed media consisting in an oil painting made by me and metal pieces made by her including the structure to support the real crow wings. It includes brass, copper, gilding metal, a raw ruby and real preserved crow wings incorporated in the work, all built as an original structure in the form of a shrine, mounted on a larger background panel. Someone had these two crow wings and He felt it was a shame to throw them away and he hoped He could give them to somebody that could make something beautiful with them. That was us, we thought, so we got them. This artwork is an actual SHRINE! Not only a piece of art but a unique magic and occult object. People ask, Who is She in the image? I prefer the watchers can give their own interpretation ... However for me she is an angel, and yet, but she also has the features of the ancient goddess Ishtar, also called Inanna. The eight pointed star is her crown, she has wings. Here she holds a burning globe, a central piece made of copper representing the Sun. She has a snake below the navel coming upward that reminds the Kundalini, the snake-like energy that in the yoga tradition is the awakening energy that lays at the base of the spine and that once is arisen moves upwards opening the chakras one by one. When the Kundalini reaches the crown, and it opens, then Enlightenment happens. She is a manifestation of The Morning Star, the Light Bringer. A name that was given also to the planet Venus from very ancient time. She is the one with many names... Her wings are dark like the night and she emerges from the darkness. Crows are also considered messengers of the gods and carriers of the soul. Like Ishtar/Inanna, who according to the myth descended and returned from the underworld, She is a guiding star in the Night. She holds a secret that is only for the initiated to know, therefor the gesture of silence. And only the initiated will know who she truly is. This piece expresses the concept of Light in the darkness. A theme that runs through all my works. The Light Bringer Art project is an alchemical work and like every alchemical work it starts from the first stage, Nigredo, a stage in which matter has to become dark, dark like a crow in this case.

But in my work the Light remains always central, it's the focal point, it is the Philosophical Stone that transmutes the base element into the noble. The alchemical work is the transmutation from base metal, like here it's copper, into gold, but it is also the transmutation from humble to noble, from mortal to immortal, from human to divine. In this piece the alchemical symbols of the five elements are placed in the corners and on the top. Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit. With this first mixed media, merging metals gems and painting is an alchemy that opened exiting new artistic possibilities.

Every art piece is conceived to be an entity that needs not only an image but also a body, so these are 3D objects and with a 4th dimension within. As the ancients knew and the Renaissance magus rediscovered, an artifact, a statue, a work of art, can be a dwelling for a daemon (or daimon), meaning an Entity with powers, that can be a deity, or an angel, or a spirit guide. So this artwork is an actual shrine.

The Light Bringer Art is meant to be like the art of the Magus. It is about creating something in the physical and in the metaphysical.

These are just some keys of interpretation but I usually like to leave the interpretation to the watcher; in fact I think that rather than an interpretation, what is needed is a communication between the piece, or should I say the entity in the piece or beyond the piece, and the viewer.

These figures speak the language of the symbols, and symbols are powerful things, living entities that speak to those who can understand or are ready to understand. Or perhaps, the angels represented in these images mean to call those seekers that are willing to enter and investigate the Mystery. Ivan Boccherini


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