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  • Ivan Boccherini

Maia. The path of spring. Follow your bliss

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

Here the last painting I made. Painted during the last second half of Spring and Summer. It is my tribute to Spring here personified by Maia the May Queen, a nymph, a muse and ultimately a goddess who embodies Springtime. According to ancient tradition from the Greeks and the Romans, Maia was in fact the goddess of Spring. She was associated with growth and nature.

In the Greek myth she was a nymph, one of the Pleiades, seven sisters. The hunter Orion fell in love with her and pursued Her, until Zeus turned her into star to allow her to escape from him. Zeus also fell in love with Maia and from their union Hermes was born, the messenger of the gods. Hermes was called Mercurius by the Romans, He became also the god of Alchemy, the one who guides the alchemists in the great work to realise the philosopher stone, that turns the vile metal in gold. Hermes is also the secret teacher in the hermetic knowledge.

The month May derives its name from Maia. However this is my interpretation and representation. Here Maia, in the form of a nymph invites the seeker to enter a forest. It is not a dark forest but an evergreen forest in bloom. It is the path of Bliss where the seeker goes from flowers to flowers, like the butterfly, the bees and all the creatures of the creation that awake to Love. The butterfly lives only a short time, she goes through a process of transformation to grow wings and fly to follow its bliss. Springtime is the full expression of Life, all the creatures wake up after the long winter to follow their call to live and to mate, they follow their Bliss, and through that Life is perpetuated. But for the human beings it is something more. This is a symbol of how the Soul could follow its Bliss. The happiness of the Human Being is to follow his inner call, what makes him joyful and fulfilled. That is how a human being will realize itself becoming who he really is. Usually the path of the soul is full of struggles, mistakes, and suffering but that it wouldn't be necessary if one could listen and follow his inner call. Universe is abundant, generous and full with Beauty. The Divine is in everything and when you awake, then Its Spring. The Divine is also within yourself and there is the path of the soul going inward following her Bliss.

As long We follow our bliss and We are awaken to the Divine Presence within, It's a luminous everlasting day, Life gives us its fruits all the way that leads toward our True Self.


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