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  • Ivan Boccherini

The Shrine of the Angel is ready for the fire and the incense. The gate is ready to be opened.

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The Shrine is ready to be placed. Everyone should create his/her sacred space, first of course within himself/herself, but finding your Inner Sacred Place doesn't conflict with creating a Sacred Place around you, in fact not only the two things go together, but creating a certain environment around you can help your soul to find the way within. Darkness is falling on us more than ever, the dark long winter night is upon us. It is now the time to create or adorn your temple, to make your shrine for the Holy Flame to burn, your secret chapel where to invite the Angels.

I've just made this Shrine in collaboration with my collaborator Maja.

I've made the oil painting while she has made the metal pieces incorporated into the piece, which we consider talismans, as this is our purpose, to create a magic, sacred. spiritual object.

This is a UNIQUE one of a kind Artwork.

A FOLDING SHRINE with a genuine 18ct Gold Piece and other metal and gem elements!

This is a contemporary ARTWORK with the feeling of an ancient sacred object.

It is deliberately made in ancient looking style.

We consider it as a Sacred Icon, a magical spiritual object empowered with talismans.

A gate to the spiritual dimension that you can open and close.

It is an Artwork suitable for meditation, rituals, praying, or simply to adorn your space, creating a certain atmosphere.

It comes to life with reflections of light on the gold leaf, on the metal pieces and stones, according to the light in the environment and the angle from where you watch ( see VIDEO) and it is perfect to be enjoyed in candle light. In the image, the Angel of Light, the Bearer of the Eternal Flame, the Enlightener and the Liberator of human beings.

The Holder of the Light in the Darkness.

As the night falls, create your temple, your refuge, your shelter, a shrine for the secret Fire, your sacred space, where the Flame will keep burning and darkness won't prevail.

Angels are watching and whispering from far beyond, being apparently so far and yet so close to us.

They're protectors and guides into our journey home.

All that you need to do is to contact them, opening the gate between us and them, between our dimension and theirs.



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