Oil painting on wooden board with REAL crow wings, jewelry and metal.
Brass, gilding metal, copper and ruby.
Red Silk veil.

Painter Ivan Boccherini & Jeweler Maja Tokar

The shrine consists in a oil painting on a board 42 cm x 62 cm with metal pieces and real crow wings that extend beyond it.
The central part that is the actual shrine is mounted on a black panel W 87.5 cm x 95 cm H, 2.5 cm thick . The black panel is considered part of the whole artwork but the central body can be hanged without it.

Metal pieces on the shrine are made of copper, gilding metal and brass and the third eye is a small row ruby.
It comes also with a red silk veil to put on the top.
Here I made the painting ( Ivan Boccherini) and Maja Tokar made the metal pieces including the structure for the wings.
We are together creating artworks conceived as mystical objects combining painting, silversmithing and multimedia.
This impressive piece has an incredible power and can be actually used as a shrine with candles, as a piece for meditation and contemplation, adorned according to your purposes.

Angel Shrine ( Mixed media )