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Mixed Media consisting in a oil painting incorporating metal elements and gems, in antique wooden shrine.

Oil painting by Ivan Boccherini
Jewellery by Maja Tokar

This is a UNIQUE one of a kind Artwork. 
A FOLDING SHRINE with a genuine 18ct Gold Piece and other metal and gem elements!

This is a contemporary ARTWORK with the feeling of an ancient sacred object.
It is deliberately made in ancient looking style.

We consider it as a Sacred Icon, a magical spiritual object empowered with talismans.
A gate to the spiritual dimension that you can open and close.
It is an Artwork suitable for meditation, rituals, praying, or simply to adorn your space, creating a certain atmosphere.

It comes to life with reflections of light on the gold leaf, on the metal pieces and stones, according to the light in the environment and the angle from where you watch ( see VIDEO)  and it is perfect to be enjoyed in candle light.

The Angel of Light, the Bearer of the Eternal Flame, the Enlightener and the Liberator of human beings. 
The Holder of the Light in the Darkness.

As the night falls, create your temple, your refuge, your shelter, a shrine for the secret Fire, your sacred space, where the Flame will keep burning and darkness won't prevail.

Angels are watching and whispering from far beyond
and yet they're so close. They're protectors and guides into your journey home.


Oil Painting on wood, with Gold, gold leaf, silver, bronze, copper.
Gemstones: Citrine and ruby on the inside, 2 lapis lazuli , 2 red jaspers, onyx on the Outside.

DETAILS and materials.

58 cm (22.8")
60cm (23.6")  open 
47cm closed approx 




OIL PAINTING on board with gold leaf 23ct.
Third eye: ruby
Crown: brass and copper.

CENTRAL PIECE: Angel's PENDANT, approx 18mm diameter, made of GOLD 18ct, with Citrine stone set in a silver bezel


Stars: Brass, copper and Red jaspers.
Central pieces: Brass elemental symbols, Eye silver 800 with Onyx and copper bezel.

HANDLES: Bronze. Wax carved and then bronze cast.
Lower stones: Lapis Lazuli set in silver.

Antique Wooden Folding Shrine.
Golden details: Gold Leaf 24ct ( 25 sheets) on golden paint.

Light bringer Angel. Folding Shrine. Altar.

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