light bringer art
...we make angels...
art by
 ivan boccherini & jeweller maja tokar


symbolic esoteric art

We are creating unique artworks combining painting and jewelry,
art that evokes the sense of sacred, mystery and magic.

Merging  oil painting and jewelry  is an alchemy that opens  new creative possibilities  and also it allows us to adorn the pieces and empower them with precious  stones, crystals and metals according to their unique properties.

We want to create  a sacred magic art  without being connected to a specific religion. 
 our art pieces are conceived as objects of mystical power,

We make altarpieces, shrines, talismans  which are collaborative mixed medias pieces but also our individual works of paintings and jewelry.

When looking at our art, the watcher should feel immersed in an intimate sacred space, as if the artworks themselves consecrate the place. .

We move into the realm  of myth, spirit, occult and magic and weave out the key
visual aspects that give the religious objects, shrines, altars , reliquaries,, talismans and amulets, that particular feeling of being  sacred or magic and bridging that spiritual dimension.

our artworks are like objects that could be placed in a sacred space,  used or worn by some high priest or priestess when performing a ritual  but at the same time cannot be associated with a specific religion.
subjects, themes and symbolism  that we use are a link to the spiritual dimension, to the mystery and the sacred.

we consider art as a tool of self development and a part of our transmutation process
to remind us our potential and to keep the fire of our  highest aspiration always burning

with our creative work
We want to honor the light that dwells within us as light bearers

Ivan Boccherini & Maja tokar