light bringer art

Light bringer art
" We make angels "
Esoteric symbolist Art
Light bringer art is a collaboration project by artists
ivan Boccherini & Maja Tokar.

We are creating a collection of artworks focused on spiritual esoteric symbolic themes, our individual works and our collaboration pieces.
Together we are creating mixed medias where we merge painting metal work and  jewellery.


Ivan Boccherini makes the painting and Maja Tokar creates the jewels and the metal pieces to incorporate into the artwork.


Merging painting and jewelry is an alchemy that opens new creative possibilities and it allows us to adorn and empower the artworks with precious stones, crystals and metals according to their unique properties.


Our artworks are conceived to be also objects for meditation, suitable for spiritual and occult practice like the ancient icons, the talismans, the sacred and magic objects of ancient traditions but without being relegated into any of them or into any  religion in particular.


We are creating our own original art with its own original spirit, body, soul, energy and power

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