light bringer art

symbolic spiritual esoteric Art
Ivan Boccherini
jeweller Maja Tokar.

Together we collaborate to create an original form of Art that combines painting and jewellery and metal work.
We make mixed media artworks, oil paintings incorporating metals and gemstones.

Merging painting and jewelry is an alchemy that opens new creative possibilities and it allows us to adorn and empower the artworks with precious stones, crystals and metals according to their unique properties.

Our Artworks are conceived to be also objects for meditation, suitable for spiritual and occult practice.
They can be considerate as talismans, empowered artifacts, sacred icons.
We want our art has the feeling and the energy of sacred art, without being associated to any religion.
Art that connects the watcher and the holder with the spiritual dimension, the inner realm, the mystery, the sacred, the magic, the occult.

Beside our collaborative pieces we also make our own individual works, paintings and jewelry pieces.

We speak the language of the symbols, and art is for us a transmutation process.

With our Art we want to honor the Light Within as Light Bearers.

Ivan Boccherini & Maja Tokar