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SHRINE of the Light Bringer Angel

Updated: May 14

"Long is the way And hard, that out of hell leads up to light." ( John Milton-Paradise Lost)

Nothing is lost and nobody is lost forever, until there is Light. A Fire under the stars, still burns in the dark. Everything can be regained. You can be regained. Once you've been found All is found. The way Home is within yourself. Can you hear the calling? Angels are whispering from far beyond. So far....and yet so close. Like here and now. Wake up. 👁 ✴

Mixed media Painting by Ivan Boccherini Jewellery by Maja Tokar H 51 cm W 61 cm Open Oil painting on wood, with 18 ct gold, 23 ct gold leaf, silver, bronze, copper. Citrine stone and ruby.


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